Archaeology is the captivating discovery of the people before us and through those discoveries, we have been able to understand in more detail how those people interacted with their communities and lived in their environment. Archaeology helps us widen our understanding of humans and civilizations beyond than what written text can provide us. Through Archaeology, we can study different cultures and how they developed their civilization, interacted with other cultures, and what caused their decline.

There are many different sub-disciplines of archaeology that are classified.


  • Classical
  • Historic
  • Near Eastern
  • Prehistoric


  • Archaeoastronomy
  • Ariel
  • Maritime


  • Anthracology
  • Calceology
  • Forensic

There are many different fields of archaeology to enter and it is a fascinating discipline. I concentrated on Classical Archaeology because of my love Greco-Roman society and influence.

Acropolis Virtual Tour: A web application that allows you to interactively explore the Acropolis in Athens.

Rome Reborn: This site contains 3D digital models of ancient Rome.

Archaeology: A publication of the Archaeological Institute of America, which is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the preservation of human heritage.

Dr. Fraser Neiman from the Department of Archaeology at University of Virginia gives a little insight as to why he loves archaeology and why it is important.

The Institute for the Visualization of History: A non-profit educational organization that works to combine cutting edge technology and the specifics of historical monuments that are lost to us today, or unable to be visited.